What We Do

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Professional people.
Professional services.
KBM develops and analyzes component, subsystem, physical phenomenology, and end to end system modeling and simulation for utilization in complex live, virtual, and constructive evaluation.  We help support these solutions through production of products and services such as:
  • Verification, Validation, & Accreditation (VV&A)
  • Lethality
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop and All Digital Simulation
  • Radar, Seekers, & Sensors, including Surveillance and Target Acquisition
  • Configuration Management
  • Aero/Astrodynamics
We understand the Physics, mathematics, and engineering behind modeling and simulation.
KBM utilizes multiple areas of expertise to solve customer needs across a broad range of autonomously guided platforms, sensors, radars, and new technology insertion in providing systems engineering.  This support includes:
  • Project Management
  • Test Planning, Management, & Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • System Life Cycle
  • Quality Control
  • System Concept Design & Development
  • Sustainment
We understand the science and art of organized systems.

KBM has provided our clients the expertise they need to perform when it counts.  Programmatic support in the areas of:

  • Resource management
  • Cost estimation/analysis
  • Schedule development/assessment
  • Program integration
  • Program management
  • System Engineering and Lifecycle support
  • Strategic planning analysis
  • International program support and security assistance
  • Operations research and systems analysis
  • Business Information Analysis

Aligning diverse initiatives toward a focused outcome.

KBM provides system pre-test, onsite, and post-test support for developmental, operational, and live test and evaluation. Our team builds representative test designs, specifies key resources for execution and data collection, analyzes pre-test expectations, assists with onsite test execution, aids in post-test data collection, and performs analysis of results. We help plan, manage, and analyze tests to support key decisions.
Supporting the purpose of testing – decision making.

KBM delivers best-in-class professional talent to help governments and commercial clients.  Our proven approach to attracting and retaining talent has consistently delivered the resources that government agencies need, whether it be for long-term projects or tapping into the gig economy. 

We design our provided solutions and services to uniquely fit the customer technical and budgetary requirements.  Those customers include Federal RDT&E, State level Health, Transportation, Children’s, Education, Finance, Labor, Safety, Medicare, and Wildlife, as well as other Government agencies and commercial clients.

We get the right people for the job.


Data is a vital asset. Protecting that data has never been more complicated – ease of use for clients, teammates and employees must also be maintained while protecting your data. KBM can help find a path to get you through the maze of Cyber protections.  Our experience with security controls, evaluations, testing and assessing systems can be applied to: 

  • NIST and DoD standards
  • Financial and risk analysis
  • Networking
  • System engineering
  • Security intelligence

 Make your business resilient.


KBM develops robust and secure system architectures and network storage and security solutions. Our team utilizes knowledge and experience in make or buy, replace or upgrade, and technology trade and integration decisions. We help monitor and test systems to determine reliability and maintainability.

Our systems uniquely fit the customer technical and budgetary requirements.  Those customers include Federal RDT&E, State level Finance, Health, Transportation, Medicare, and Corrections, as well as other Government agencies and commercial clients.

KBM provides reliable, flexible systems that evolve with requirements.